Boat Engine Rebuild vs. Repair vs. Repower

Man taking apart an engine

When your boat’s engine fails, your first thought is to contact your maintenance guy, have the engine checked out and fix the problem. However, it’s only after inspecting the engine that the boat mechanic discovers a major problem that causes you to ask the tough question: Should I opt for a boat engine repair or…

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Boat Maintenance for Long Trips

Yacht on the ocean

Before you set sail on your next excursion, you need to perform some boat maintenance so that you enjoy your trip without any problems. Maintenance is essential for your peace of mind while operating the yacht and for the safety of all passengers. The larger the yacht, the more complex the maintenance, as the systems…

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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Boat?

The key to optimal boat performance and longevity is routine boat maintenance. Ongoing maintenance and care prevent costly repairs, keep your insurance premiums, help your boat stay under warranty and extend its life. A maintained boat is also more likely to provide a trouble-free performance during moments when you need it most. How much will…

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Evaluating Boat Contractors for Your Next Boat Fix

Man washing a boat

Proper maintenance and storage are crucial elements of boat ownership and operation. However, if you do not have the ability or the equipment to care for your boat, you need to leave it in the hands of certified professionals you can depend on to care for your vessel year-round.  The first step in protecting your…

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Impeller vs. Propeller

Boat on the water

Both an impeller and a propeller are vital for a boat’s operation. However, their purpose and function are very different.   A propeller is a fan which propels a fluid by pushing against it: it converts rotational motion into linear motion. An impeller is a rotor that produces a sucking force and is part of a…

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How to Detail a Boat

Your boat is regularly exposed to the harsh Florida elements. Heat, sunlight, air and water go to work on your boat, slowly deteriorating both its tough exterior and fragile interior. To keep your boat looking and performing well year after year, you need to detail your boat at least twice a year. You can save…

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How Boat Steering Works

As the owner of your vessel, it is a good idea to learn what kind of steering system your boat uses. If possible, try to understand how the system works, as well as the location of all system components. Knowing your steering system operation allows you to make simple repairs if the steering goes bad…

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Taking on America’s Great Loop

If you are looking for the ultimate boat trip in the U.S., you may want to set your course for America’s Great Loop. The Great Loop is an extended boating trip along the coast of Eastern North America. Also known as the Great Circle Route, the trip varies from 5,000 to 7,500 miles depending on…

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Types of Boat Steering Systems

If you are a discerning boat owner that takes an interest in how your boat operates, you probably pay attention to your boat’s steering system. This is especially true when it’s time to replace the boat’s steering system.  There are two main types of boat steering systems. The first type is mechanical steering systems divided…

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Diesel Fuel Polishing for Your Boat

If you have a fuel-efficient boat, you are naturally benefiting from lower fuel costs. You spend less money to reach the same destination. However, a fuel-efficient engine is not necessarily a cleaner engine. Using less fuel may result in fuel that becomes stagnant and highly contaminated. This can create premature wear and tear on the…

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