Boat Detailing in Pensacola, FL

Boat ownership comes with a joy that can be difficult to describe. A boat provides fun-filled days and special memories. Few things are comparable to enjoying the feeling of the sun on your face and saltwater spraying your skin. These same elements that make boating so pleasurable are the very same elements that can damage your boat. Your boat is an investment. It is not only a financial investment but also an investment in precious memories with family and friends. Keeping your boat in top shape is important not only to protecting its value but also to ensuring many years of fun times on the water.

Download the Boat Detailing Checklist

Detail Your Boat in Our Convenient Location

Having your boat detailed whether doing it yourself or having it done professionally, requires certain tools and the proper space to use them. Pensacola Shipyard offers both options in one convenient location. Our boatyard has ample space to accommodate your boat detailing projects both large and small. Our facilities include a variety of equipment for your use or for a hired professional of your choice to utilize. Speaking of hired professionals, Pensacola Shipyard has on-site, skilled contractors available to handle all your boat detailing needs from simple to large scale projects.

Why Is It Important to Detail Your Boat?

How important is it to regularly detail your boat? Detailing is not just shining up your boat, although it does keep it aesthetically pleasing. It provides regular inspection and maintenance to keep its systems running smoothly. Proper detailing can catch small problems before they become severe or damaging. Scheduled detailing of your boat can also help fight oxidation. Oxidation is the natural process that occurs on your boat’s surface from exposure to sun and moisture, creating a chalky appearance. Proper detailing will keep its exterior attractive and help maintain optimum performance.

Have Your Boat Professionally Detailed

Detailing Checklist

So, what is involved in boat detailing? Of course, washing, waxing and buffing are standard steps, but there are additional tasks that should be performed as well to keep your boat looking and performing at its best. Using quality products is key to protecting your boat and providing a wow factor after a proper detail.

Download the Boat Detailing Checklist

A detail should include the following:

  • Wash the boat thoroughly from end to end removing any debris, bird droppings debris, etc.
  • Rinse soap completely when washing (never allow soap to dry on the vessel).
  • Buff and wax making sure to remove areas of oxidation, be sure to follow up with sealing.
  • Gel coat restoration if needed.
  • Fully inspect hull and rudders.
  • Dry the boat if possible, for a shinier finish.
  • Clean and rinse engine.
  • Clean all leather and vinyl seats and surfaces.
  • Wash windows and mirrors.
  • If the boat has an interior cabin, clean all cushions, cabinets, etc. Any interior metal surfaces should be wiped with a quality metal polish.

Do-It-Yourself Option

If you are a hands-on type of boat owner and do not mind applying some elbow grease, you can skip the expense of hiring a professional to detail your boat. You bring the knowledge and work ethic and Pensacola Shipyard provides the facilities to accommodate your needs. We also have tools on-site for rent including vacuum sanders. Convenient water hook-ups, 30/50 amp receptacles and plentiful electrical outlets are just some of the amenities offered. Our facilities are environmentally friendly and safe. We have video surveillance and after-hours security.

Your boat is an asset that provides ample enjoyment. It gives you something to look forward to and offers an escape from life’s daily grind. Keeping it in top condition is not only a source of pride but also a necessity. Regular boat detailing ensures your boat looks and runs its best.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself type of owner or you prefer to leave it to the on-site industry professionals, Pensacola Shipyard has everything you need in one convenient location. Contact us today to learn more about our amenities.