How to Prepare and Execute a Successful Boat Haul-Out

Boat being hauled out

For many boat owners, a boat haul-out marks the end of boating season or an extended break before the next excursion. It’s also the beginning of post-season maintenance and storage, which can preserve your boat while you’re not using it. So, if you want your boat to remain in good shape during storage, make sure you plan and execute your boat haul-out successfully. 

Although it is possible to do your own haul-out, most boat owners do not have the equipment necessary for the job. Fortunately, we have the boatyard capabilities to get the job done. You can depend on the boatyard, which has the equipment, facilities, and staff necessary, to ensure your boat is handled correctly. Below, we take a look at how to plan your boat haul-out with Pensacola Shipyard. 

Planning the Boat Haul-Out 

The Shipyard is a busy place with boats coming in and out all the time. Contractors repair and maintain numerous vessels daily. Therefore, you need to schedule your boat haul-out several days in advance (we recommend at least two weeks). Doing so ensures that we have everything we need for a safe and efficient haul-out. It’s always a good idea to check the weather when you plan your haul-out, as we charge for each additional day that the vessel is at our facility.   

Cost and Scope 

How much does a boat haul-out cost? Fortunately, we provide our rate sheet here. The cost and scope of the job depend on several factors. For instance, we would need information on how long the boat will be out of the water, the purpose of the haul-out, and any special storage needs. We can then plan where and how to haul and store the vessel. 

Attend the Boat Haul-Out 

There may be a situation that prevents you from attending the boat haul-out. However, it is rare for a boat owner to be absent. Regardless of planning, facilities, and capable staff, issues can arise when hauling out a large vessel. We require either you, the owner or an approved representative to be onsite when we haul a vessel. We need your help in addressing those issues or answering questions on the spot. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have questions about our boat haul-out service at Pensacola Shipyard? You may find the answers below, as these are the most common questions that our clients ask. 

What type of equipment do you use for boat haul-outs? 

Our shipyard contains a 2019 100 BFMII marine travel lift with a 220,000 lb. capacity. 

How much does it cost to haul and relaunch my vessel? 

You can see our rate sheet to view our standard boat haul rates. However, the overall price can change depending on your needs. 

Can I work on my boat myself? 

Absolutely! We have boatyard facilities and equipment that allows you to work on your boat yourself. If you do need help, we can refer you to on-site contractors that perform professional boat maintenance

Are there any lay days included? 

Lay days are charged for DIY projects or when a contractor completes work on your boat and you do not pick it up within a day or so. Lay days are charged when a vessel is hauled and placed in the working yard. You pay for the day you haul out, but you do not pay for the day you launch. Rain days and weather days are still billed. 

Does the cost include a high-pressure wash down? 

Pressure washing is an additional charge and can only be done by Pensacola Shipyard personnel due to our clean boatyard BMPs. Rates are listed on the rate sheet. 

Where will you put my boat? 

Your boat will be stored in a preselected storage area that you rent. We store boats in our working yard, where you will have access to air, power, and water. 

When will my boat be relaunched? 

Once you or your contractor completes repairs or maintenance, you can contact the office to schedule a launch for the vessel. We launch vessels Monday through Friday. Our earliest appointment is at 7 AM, and the last appointment of the day is at 3 PM (times may vary depending on the size of the vessel). 

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