Boat Maintenance in Pensacola, FL

The wind blowing through your hair, sea spray splashing on your face and the tender sting of sun-kissed shoulders are all by-products of a wonderful day spent boating. Few hobbies can rival the spoils of owning a boat here on the beautiful Gulf Coast. While our boating season is much longer than in other climates, the number of days spent on the water always seem too few. This is one reason why performing regular boat maintenance is so important. Not only will it keep your boat looking and running its best, but it also ensures your boat spends more time in the water and less in the shop.

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The Importance of Maintenance

Little things let go eventually turn into big things. Big things usually equate to big expenses, especially with regards to boats. Exercising regular maintenance on your boat keeps your boat safe, seaworthy and looking its best. It can also save you from future costly repairs. Just as routine tasks must be regularly done to keep our homes and cars in their best shape, our boats are no exception. Saltwater by nature is corrosive and will take a toll on your boat’s engine. Consequently, thorough fresh-water rinsing is necessary after each use. Your boat’s gelcoat is the first line of defense. Small scratches and dings left unrepaired may allow for water intrusion. Keen pre and post voyage inspections can also help avoid larger issues and should include the trailer (if applicable), engine, fuel lines for leakage, oil level and a propeller inspection. In addition to the aforementioned items, here are some suggestions of areas where yearly proactive maintenance can save time and money and extend the life of your boat.

Annual Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect battery
  • Check fasteners, nuts and bolts
  • Drain and replace gearcase lubricant
  • Check Thermostats
  • Lubricate any needed areas
  • Compression tests
  • Computer Readout
  • Replace fuel filters and spark plugs
  • Inspect alternator belt and replace if necessary
  • Check corrosion anodes

**The water pump/impeller is not necessarily an annual fix. The typical life of this element is approximately 3 years, but if it gets in bad shape before then and is not addressed, the result may be some serious engine damage.

Keep Your Boat Maintained.

Choosing a Professional

Finding the perfect place to have your boat serviced or to do it yourself is no easy task unless you have discovered Pensacola Shipyard. Our one of a kind facility not only has the space and equipment for your boating projects, but we also have on-site independent contractors with years of experience. Consult with one of the industry experts or do it yourself, either way, Pensacola Shipyard is the area’s premier location for all your maintenance needs.

Is boat maintenance something you want to tackle yourself? While some tasks are easy enough others may demand more expertise. You may be perfectly comfortable with oil changes and spark plugs but what about drive shaft and electrical repairs or a carburetor rebuild? Even gelcoat repair is not without complications. Certain cleaners could cause staining or damage. Making repairs to your boat is not to be taken lightly. Most owners can tell when the engine is running poorly or the steering is ineffective, but there are many more complex issues in the maintenance of your vessel. The on-site independent contractors at Pensacola Shipyard have the experience and training to know what to look for and how to properly perform needed repairs. These industry experts are trained in multiple areas including starters, water pumps, powerheads, carburetor rebuilds, crank and drive shafts, electrical work, bearings, general tune-ups and much more. Additionally, they have access to our 110-ton travel lift.

Protect Your Boat

Your boat is an investment. You want to protect your investment and proper maintenance is part of that. There are many facets to taking care of your boat. The independent contractors at Pensacola Shipyard are seasoned experts who can guide you through needed repairs or handle them for you. We are the perfect facility for storage and maintenance.

Contact us today at 850.780.8441 and let us help you keep your boat in peak condition.