Boat Motor Repair

Boat owners know the joys of repeatedly experiencing “the best day ever” while out on the water. Sunny skies, calm seas and great company are the trifecta that create a perfect boating day. Boat owners also know how the “best day ever” can quickly turn into the “worst day ever” when your outboard engine fails leaving you stranded, embarrassed and with a much lighter wallet. Boat motor repairs may start as small and benign but can lead to something major and expensive if ignored. Relying on a professional to diagnose and address repairs can help keep you from experiencing the dreaded worst day.

Outboard/Inboard Motors

Outboard motors differ from their inboard engine counterparts. Inboard motors are permanently affixed to the inside of the boat. Outboard refers to motors installed at the rear of the vessel where the gearbox, combustion engine and propeller are all located in one portable unit. 

The Usual Suspects

Many of today’s outboards are quality motors. However, regardless of age or model, there are some maintenance issues common among them including electrical and fuel issues, overheating  or an engine that stalls, doesn’t catch or won’t start at all. Failure to acknowledge or correctly perform boat motor repairs can have disastrous and costly consequences. Pensacola Shipyard has on-site contractors to handle all your outboard engine maintenance and repairs.

Electrical Problems

This covers a variety of items, but a leading cause of electrical issues is the battery. Some boats have dual batteries allowing for the use of both to crank while switching to one for cruising. A dead battery is often the cause of the engine’s failure to start. The cables surrounding the battery could also be an issue. Check for loose or disconnected cables. Even dirty cables can negatively impact how well your vessel cranks up.

Fuel Issues

Common fuel related issues include a loose fuel joint clip, clogged fuel filter, broken fuel pump or simply being out of fuel. You can’t fully trust your fuel gauge and should never let it get too close to empty. Running your fuel level too low is a dangerous habit. Not only could you end up stranded with an empty tank, but low fuel can also cause the crud at the bottom of your tank to clog your filters. 


If the cooling system is doing its job, overheating should not occur. It will shut down the engine protecting it from serious damage. If the cooling system fails, you need to shut everything down and attempt to locate the problem. A clogged telltale and intake blockages are common culprits. Flushing your engine regularly with fresh water is essential preventative maintenance

Additional key aspects of boat motor repair and maintenance include engine and propeller inspections and changing spark plugs. 

Maintaining and repairing motorboats can be complex and hiring experienced professionals or at the minimum seeking their advice is advisable. 

Work Smarter By Not Working, Leave It To The Pro’s

Keeping your outboard motor in tiptop shape is essential for you to enjoy the spoils of boat ownership and protect your investment. Using quality fuel and performing pre and post voyage inspections are helpful starters. Maintaining and repairing the outboard motor can be complex and hiring experienced professionals or at the minimum seeking their input is advisable. The trusted and convenient independent contractors at Pensacola Shipyard possess the industry knowledge to handle any outboard engine needs. From small repairs to the dreaded rebuild, these professionals will ensure the job is done correctly.

Call Pensacola Shipyard so you can enjoy many more of the “best days ever.”