Public Boat Ramp

700 Myrick St, Pensacola, FL 32505
Hours: Open 24 hours per day
Cost: $5 per launch

Launch From the Beautiful Bayou Chico

Making boat ownership enjoyable and stress-free is our goal at Pensacola Shipyard. We are the go-to resource for all things boating related at one time-saving location. Our marina and shipyard offer top of the line amenities making your boating experiences a pleasure. Adding to the many other convenient offerings is the Pensacola public boat ramp adjacent to us on beautiful Bayou Chico. You are free to launch your boat at anytime day or night. Take advantage of this well maintained, easily accessible public ramp along with Pensacola Shipyard’s many additional offerings and get back to enjoying carefree time on the water.

Affordable and Accessible

Boating is often considered an expensive past time. Some would argue that time spent with family and friends enjoying the gulf coast’s emerald waters is priceless. Up close encounters with dolphins and other wildlife or having the experience of eating a fresh fish caught with your own hands are experiences that are hard to put a price tag on. That said, boating does come with certain expenses, however, not all are exorbitant. The daily launch fee at the public boat ramp located at Pensacola Shipyard is a low $5. For the price of a cup of coffee, you feel the salt air rushing through your hair and sea spray splashing your face. If your boat is trailered with us, you could have it launched and ready to go in minutes. Five dollars to access a beautifully maintained and convenient boat ramp is money well spent.

Parking and Amenities

Users will notice the ample space for parking their trailers at the launch. Come any time of day and park your vehicle and trailer at your convenience and you will be cruising into Pensacola Bay in no time. Operated in cooperation with Escambia County Parks and Recreation, the Pensacola Shipyard boat ramp is far from unkempt. This aesthetically pleasing space features generous water depth, a double-wide concrete ramp and loading docks. Waterside picnic tables are great for enjoying a snack while taking in the lovely view and watching the boats coast by. Another important feature is the onsite restrooms available. Plentiful parking, easy, anytime use and well-maintained amenities make this one of the area’s top public boat ramps.


Launch your boat anytime at 700 Myrick Street, Pensacola, FL.

Convenient Location

Location, location, location… while this statement may be cliché, it usually rings true. Just like with real estate, launch location is key. The perfectly situated boat ramp at Pensacola Shipyard makes it the ideal place to launch. The deep, protected waters of Bayou Chico coupled with the quick access to Pensacola Bay allow your voyage to start with ease. If you want a meal before of after your day on the water, restaurants and eateries of all types are nearby. By land or by sea, a great meal is never far away. Last minute supply runs do not have to be a headache either. Our location is within minutes of a variety of stores, gas stations and grocers. Convenience gives you the gift of time, an incredibly precious commodity.

Visit Our Convenient Boat Ramp

Living on the pristine gulf coast is a blessing. Owning a boat and having access to some of the world’s most beautiful waters makes for an even greater blessing. At Pensacola Shipyard, we understand the importance of getting as much pleasure out of your boat as possible. We aim to make your boating experiences more enjoyable and more frequent. The public boat ramp at Pensacola Shipyard provides top notch amenities and a great location. The restrooms, picnic areas and docks are impeccably maintained. Ample parking and round the clock use allow you the freedom to get even more enjoyment out of your boat. Time is the ultimate gift and we want to help you find more of it.

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