Boat Service and Repair

If you are fortunate enough to live along the Gulf Coast, then you are fortunate enough. Living here and owning a boat is even better. We are indeed lucky to live in a place that many only dream about. Having a boat offers the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful waterways in the world. Whether your vessel is for family fun, fishing or exploring, keeping it properly maintained is essential. Routine boat service and repair, when necessary, are vital to keeping your boat safe and seaworthy. Whether you are a do it yourself type of owner or prefer the work to be hired out, finding the right facility and/or professionals will ensure your boating time is kept afloat and enjoyable.

Typical Boat Maintenance

Just as we maintain our vehicles to extend their longevity, boats should be no different. Certain things require routine maintenance while others will need to be addressed as they arise. Regular boat maintenance may consist of inspecting and repairing the vessel’s hull and topside, canvas and upholstery, engine(s), electrical systems and any essential hardware such as hinges, tracks, etc. Also, if your boat has them, HVAC and plumbing systems need to be checked regularly as well. These items range from the simple to the complex. Deciding to tackle them on your own or to hire professionals depends on your skill and comfort level and how much time you have available to spend on the project. Regardless of which route you choose for your boat service and repair needs, you need a boatyard that will offer the on-site convenience of both. Pensacola Shipyard offers everything you need at your fingertips.

Are You the DIY Type?

Are you the hands-on type who prefers getting the job done yourself? If you have the desire, skill and time, then we have everything else you need to complete your project. We have the 2019 100 BFM Marine Travel Lift with a 220,000 lb capacity along with a 21’ long 4000lb forklift boom and a 14-ton mobile crane. Additionally, hydraulic jacks and forklifts are all available for on-site use. Have smaller needs? Those are easily met as well. At Pensacola Shipyard, we have an environmentally friendly wet-blast system to save you countless hours of sanding prior to painting your boat. Vacuum sanders and other tools are available for rent saving you from having to purchase multiple pieces of costly equipment. 30/50 amp receptacles, individual water hookups and ample room (12 acres) to work take the headache out of DIY projects.

Trust the Experts?

Do you feel more comfortable having professionals take care of things for you? Pensacola Shipyard has you covered in that area as well. We host a wide variety of independent contractors to help you with almost any type of repairs or maintenance. Whether your vessel needs painting, HVAC repair, electronic issues, mechanical or a total refit, we have the right expert for your situation, no matter how big or small. Our fully serviced boatyard provides all the necessary equipment for maintenance and repairs and we will happily match you with the right expert for your needs.

Boat ownership is meant to be pleasurable. Keeping your boat serviced and making needed repairs are necessary to keep it that way. Having the right tools to complete this upkeep coupled with the right location to do it is key. Whether you choose to do the work yourself or employ one of the many industry professionals available, Pensacola Shipyard offers the perfect facility to meet all of your boating needs. The convenient all in one location will have you spending less time working on your boat and more time enjoying it.