Best Low-Maintenance Boats

pontoon boat sitting on the beach

The cost of boat ownership involves more than just the purchase price. Recurring expenses include repairs, insurance, fees, registration, storage, and ongoing boat maintenance. Of all these, maintenance may be your biggest expenditure. To reduce maintenance costs, you may want to consider purchasing a high-quality, low-maintenance boat. Fortunately, you do not have to spend more…

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How to Prepare and Execute a Successful Boat Haul-Out

Boat being hauled out

For many boat owners, a boat haul-out marks the end of boating season or an extended break before the next excursion. It’s also the beginning of post-season maintenance and storage, which can preserve your boat while you’re not using it. So, if you want your boat to remain in good shape during storage, make sure…

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Inboard Boat Maintenance Checklist

Close up of tools with boats in the background

The key to your boat engine’s performance and longevity is ongoing preventative maintenance and immediate attention when things go wrong. Inboard boat maintenance ensures that your engine runs as it should while you are on the water. It also reduces repair and replacement costs by fixing issues early on. Whether you choose DIY maintenance or…

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DIY vs. Professional Boat Canvas Repair

Docked boat with canvas cover on top

Boat canvas or marine canvas refers to any materials used to manufacture awnings, covers, tarps, sunshades, signs and banners on boats of all sizes. Most boat companies and owners prefer canvas because of its high performance and resilience in coastal climates. When you take your boat out, you depend on your canvas covering to deliver…

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Boat Fuel Tank Cleaning Tips

Large yacht in boatyard

Like any other component on your boat, your boat fuel tank requires ongoing preventative maintenance and care. Cleaning the fuel tank can prevent sediment buildup, contamination and fungi or algae growth. Whether you perform a DIY cleaning or hire a local boat maintenance professional, you should schedule a fuel tank cleaning regularly to optimize your…

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Boat Hull Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Boat Hulls

The hull has the most important role in your boat: to ride in and on top of the water. If the hull is in excellent shape, you can count on years of boating fun. If not, you may find yourself pulling the boat out of the bottom of the ocean. Boat hull maintenance is vital…

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How to Fix Cracks in Gelcoat on Boat Surfaces

Man working on the bottom of a boat

Gelcoat cracks (also known as spider cracks) indicate that your boat has suffered from severe structural problems or impact damage. As such, you need to address cracks in gelcoat on boat surfaces immediately to prevent them from spreading. While it is possible to fix these cracks yourself, your best option is to hire a contractor…

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Boat Maintenance for Long Trips

Yacht on the ocean

Before you set sail on your next excursion, you need to perform some boat maintenance so that you enjoy your trip without any problems. Maintenance is essential for your peace of mind while operating the yacht and for the safety of all passengers. The larger the yacht, the more complex the maintenance, as the systems…

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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Boat?

The key to optimal boat performance and longevity is routine boat maintenance. Ongoing maintenance and care prevent costly repairs, keep your insurance premiums, help your boat stay under warranty and extend its life. A maintained boat is also more likely to provide a trouble-free performance during moments when you need it most. How much will…

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Evaluating Boat Contractors for Your Next Boat Fix

Man washing a boat

Proper maintenance and storage are crucial elements of boat ownership and operation. However, if you do not have the ability or the equipment to care for your boat, you need to leave it in the hands of certified professionals you can depend on to care for your vessel year-round.  The first step in protecting your…

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