Fiberglass Boat Painting Tips

man fiberglassing a boat

Pensacola Shipyard supplies facilities, equipment, and contractors for fiberglass boat painting at our fully equipped shipyard. Whether you attempt a DIY project or need to hire a professional to restore your boat’s look, we have everything you need to get the job done.  Need some help for the perfect paint job? Below, we give you…

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Blistering Paint … Don’t Panic, Yet

A boat is typically a source of great joy for its owners, who understandably want it to stay in mint condition. Unfortunately, most will also experience the initial panic that sets in when blistering paint is first spotted. That unsightly bubble on a beloved boat is like finding a crack in the ceiling of your…

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How Often Should You Paint the Bottom of Your Boat?

Owners of luxury yachts, small sailing crafts and family fishing boats all have a common goal: to keep their vessels looking great and running at optimal performance. Regular maintenance and tune-ups are key components, but another important facet is bottom paint. Your boat’s bottom paint not only keeps it looking shiny and new, but it…

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