Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Boat Propeller

Close up of a boats propellers

Even the best-made propellers are vulnerable to damage and normal wear over time. When your propeller doesn’t work as it should, you need to repair or replace it immediately to keep your boat running properly. However, recognizing bad propeller symptoms is not always easy. Below, we look at signs that it’s time to replace your…

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Boat Engine Rebuild vs. Repair vs. Repower

Man taking apart an engine

When your boat’s engine fails, your first thought is to contact your maintenance guy, have the engine checked out and fix the problem. However, it’s only after inspecting the engine that the boat mechanic discovers a major problem that causes you to ask the tough question: Should I opt for a boat engine repair or…

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Evaluating Boat Contractors for Your Next Boat Fix

Man washing a boat

Proper maintenance and storage are crucial elements of boat ownership and operation. However, if you do not have the ability or the equipment to care for your boat, you need to leave it in the hands of certified professionals you can depend on to care for your vessel year-round.  The first step in protecting your…

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The Heartache of Fiberglass Damage

You love her, cherish her, take exquisite care of her, but inevitably it happens … the damage is done. A painful breakup with your significant other?  No, but equally traumatizing, finding fiberglass damage on your beloved boat. Captains know all too well the gut wrenching feeling that accompanies this dreaded discovery. Fiberglass boat repairs can…

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Overlooked but Important Boat Floor Repair

Those fortunate enough to own a boat typically take great pride in its appearance. Owners will take painstaking detail to ensure their vessel is in top shape. Regular engine tune-ups, the latest technology and gadgets and a shiny and solid hull are just some of the items that boat owners prioritize. However, there is one…

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Boat Motor Repair

Boat owners know the joys of repeatedly experiencing “the best day ever” while out on the water. Sunny skies, calm seas and great company are the trifecta that create a perfect boating day. Boat owners also know how the “best day ever” can quickly turn into the “worst day ever” when your outboard engine fails…

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Blistering Paint … Don’t Panic, Yet

A boat is typically a source of great joy for its owners, who understandably want it to stay in mint condition. Unfortunately, most will also experience the initial panic that sets in when blistering paint is first spotted. That unsightly bubble on a beloved boat is like finding a crack in the ceiling of your…

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