Diesel FAQs

Pensacola Shipyard’s diesel includes Valv Tect’s high performance fuel additive in every gallon. Containing biocide, lubricity improver, water dispersant, corrosion inhibitor and fuel stabilizer, the fuel is specially formulated for marine engines.

Yes! We’re pleased to offer two refueling speeds from our 12,000-gallon tank: high speed (60 gallons per minute) for customers in a hurry and 20 gallon-per-minute low flow service.

We’re available Monday through Friday from 7am until 4pm but please call ahead at 850-439-1451. Refueling is by appointment only.

Our easily accessible fueling dock is right on our seawall. With 65 feet of bridge clearance, an 18-foot water depth, and a long seawall, our shipyard can accommodate large boats–up to 250 feet.

The fueling station is located at our marina in the Bayou Chico.

Marina FAQs

The pumpout is located at the North end of B Dock and access to the pumpout is obtained by contacting Pensacola Shipyard office.

Pensacola Shipyard has 24hr video surveillance of the facility. In addition, we have a security guard that monitors the premises after hours and on the weekends. All of our wet slips are secured by a coded gate. During working hours the gates are open, and after hours the gates are secured. The codes are changed monthly and sent out on monthly billing and via e-mail.

Yes! Please check the "Diesel FAQs" section.

Water, metered electricity, ice, laundry facility, and a slip side dockbox.

Trailer Boat Storage FAQs

Utilities are not available in the trailer boat storage stalls. There are areas where the vessels can be towed to and rinsed after use and when necessary. In addition, we have stalls with utilities available for a daily rental rate if necessary.

No, all of the utilities on the Shipyard have been placed underground so the rigging and mast on your sailboat can be left up thus making it quick and easy to go for that weekend sail!

No, Pensacola Shipyard has set aside areas for trailer boats to tie up during the evening to keep from having to recover the vessel only to launch it again the following morning. The scheduling for overnight trailer boat dockage is scheduled and charged through the Pensacola Shipyard office.

Boatyard FAQs

You have 24 hour access to the yards and the utilities (air, power, and water) are always available.

No. We strongly encourage people to stay at a local hotel.

Pensacola Shipyard schedules Haulouts, Launches, and all other services on the hour with morning appointments from 7am to 10am, and afternoon appointments starting at 12pm with our last appointment at 3pm. It is strongly recommended that you contact our office as early as possible to schedule an appointment. Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete all the necessary paperwork. Due to our haulout schedule, vessels arriving after their scheduled appointment time may be required to reschedule.

No, Pensacola Shipyard is designated a Clean Boatyard and due to this program has adopted a set of Best Management Practices that requires a closed-loop recycling system for pressure washers.

In most cases No! Due to the size of our Marine Travelift most sailboats will not have to take down any rigging to haul. But, depending on size and configuration of the vessel, some will need to be hauled backwards!

No. Our normal working hours are Monday thru Friday 7am to 11am and 12pm to 4pm. Emergency haulouts/after-hours haulouts are subject to availability and will be charged an additional fee.

Yes we do! Please contact the office for more information.