Inboard Engine Services

Imagine a sunny day cruising through crystal clear, calm waters with the wind blowing in your hair. Then imagine your engine sputtering and coming to a halt. A picture-perfect day now turns into a miserable afternoon spent waiting in the sweltering sun for a tow boat’s arrival. Pensacola Shipyard can help you avoid that scenario.

General Maintenance

We are known as the Gulf Coast’s go-to marina for all of your boating needs. Famous for our unbeatable location and amenities, we are also home to some of the area’s best marine contractors who have access to our 110-ton travel lift. At Pensacola Shipyard, you can select from the many skilled on-site contractors to handle your vessel’s inboard engine services.

Few investments will remit as much return on your boat as proactive maintenance will. Keeping your inboard engine serviced not only helps it perform better, but it will also increase its lifespan. Boats are often jokingly referred to as “a hole in the water you throw money into.” This can be truthfully said of a boat when the owner has skimped on the necessary upkeep and repairs. Having your vessel routinely checked by a qualified professional is like an insurance policy. You are not just paying for issues that need immediate attention, you are also helping to safeguard against future problems. Money wisely spent on routine maintenance pales in comparison to the annoyance and embarrassment of getting stranded on the seas with family and friends. Dollars allocated on servicing your engine will pay off with maximum performance and dependability.

Inboard and Outboard Engine Differences

Boat engines are not all the same and having a mechanic that specializes in your particular motor is critical. Vessels have an inboard, outboard or stern engine. As its name depicts, an inboard motor is located inside the hull of the boat. It is permanently mounted in the bilge and drives a prop shaft. Inboard engines also require a separate rudder for steering. An outboard motor is mounted outside the hull and contains the prop and shaft together. Because outboard engines are located outside the hull, it is easier to access for maintenance and repair. Outboard motors can even be removed and worked on at another location. A sterndrive engine is a combination of the two, as the engine sits ahead of the transom while the outdrive lies outside the hull. Sterndrives may also be referred to as inboard/outboard.

Inboard engines are typically the largest and most powerful of the three and provide a low center of gravity. In addition to the separate rudder, the location of inboard marine engines makes them more complicated to maintain and repair. They are located under the boat and are only accessible by a hatch. The contractors at Pensacola Shipyard have a vast knowledge of inboard engines.

When You Should Consider Maintenance

Understanding the importance of routine inboard marine engine repair and hiring the right professionals is crucial, however, there are steps boat owners can take as well. Make sure to thoroughly read and follow maintenance suggestions in your boat’s owner’s manual. Perform the recommended pre and post voyage checks. Clogged sea strainers are a common cause of engine troubles in inboard motors as they can keep raw water from drawing into the cooling system. This should be part of every pre-outing checklist. A popular belief is that your boat only needs servicing every 100 hours. This is usually based on the assumption that most engines have run approximately that many hours in a season. Even if your boat has fewer than the average hours, you should still have it serviced annually. Keeping a maintenance log is helpful in ensuring that service is occurring on schedule.

Our boatyard facilities have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Choose Highly-Skilled Professionals

Choosing skilled, industry experts is crucial. They should be trained in all areas from routine service to engine rebuilds. Gather information on their skillset ahead of time and make an informed choice.

Your technician should be well versed in all the following services and more:

  • Electrical Repairs
  • Drive Shafts
  • Crank Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Starters
  • Carburetor rebuilds
  • Oil Change
  • Battery Voltage Tests
  • Service the Water Pump
  • General Tune-up
  • Powerheads
  • Out Drives
  • Trim Motor Replacement
  • Mid Sections

Keep Your Boat at Peak Performance

Boat ownership provides a lifestyle that is hard to match. Keeping your inboard engine running at its peak performance is part of maintaining that lifestyle. Pensacola Shipyard not only provides the perfect setting for storing, launching and docking your boat but we also have factory trained technicians available to manage all your service needs. Regularly scheduled maintenance can spare you from costly future repairs and provide you additional years of boating enjoyment. Leave the work to our professional contractors so your biggest worry will be tan lines.

Contact us today to find an inboard engine maintenance contractor so you can focus on fun-filled days on the water.