Pensacola Industrial Terminal

Although it is primarily known as a state-of-the-art marina and boatyard, Pensacola Shipyard has other impressive capabilities you may not be aware of. In addition to the beautiful and functional marina and well-equipped boatyard, it also serves as an impressive industrial terminal.

Size Does Matter

Since the early 1900’s Pensacola Shipyard has been the go-to source for the area’s industrial needs. Established in 1917, it proved an invaluable asset to our military by producing ships for World Wars I and World II. Our infrastructure, expansive acreage and strategic location ensure our continuing legacy as the area’s premier terminal for heavy industrial demands.

Industrial projects generally mean large scale. As such, large scale projects require large spaces. The industry directed terminal at Pensacola Shipyard provides the expansive room needed to meet your substantial industrial needs. With an open 25 acres dedicated for this specific use, we can accommodate almost any project. Transporting by sea? We have got you covered there as well. Bayou Chico Harbor boasts an impressive 18’ depth, 65’ vertical, 125’ horizontal bridge clearance for vessels of substantial size. Adding to the appeal is our convenient location just a short 7 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

Recycling/Flexible Use

Pensacola Shipyard facilities and infrastructure make us the ideal choice for a variety of projects. Our versatile capabilities allow us to service a diverse clientele. In addition to more traditional industrial use, we are also a great avenue for recycling projects. Stainless steel and other metal recycling projects are easily accommodated at our sizable location. Our multi-use industry terminal is perfect for your dismantling, scrapping and repurposing needs.

Our boatyard facilities have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Location, Location, Location… PLUS more

Industrial needs require a convenient and accessible location. Pensacola Shipyard delivers big in this arena as well. Market access is essential and our strategic location is ideal for services between Central America/Mexico and the United States southern markets of Birmingham, Atlanta, Charlotte, Greenville-Spartanburg and Nashville. Locally, our convenience to the Port of Pensacola, warehouse facilities, area waterways and highway systems is an additional bonus. We are also working on adding rail connection. Location is vital but is ineffective unless accompanied by the necessary facilities and capabilities. Once again, we have got you covered. Existing utility, transportation and waterfront infrastructure help you in achieving your company’s goals. Amazing location, space and infrastructure provide a winning trio for your business.

Terminal Features

  • M2 Heavy Industrial Zoning
  • Foreign Trade Zone 249
  • Florida Enterprise Zone 1702
  • Large available acreage
  • Generous Harbor Clearance

A Strategic Location for your Needs

Pensacola Shipyard is not only the best place to store, care for and launch your boat, it is also home to the area’s leading industry terminal. Meeting manufacturing demands since inception, we pride ourselves on our pristinely maintained facilities and equipment. Our strategic location provides key domestic and international market access. Whether your business is heavy in industrial, recycling or other projects, we have the space, facilities and convenience to help ensure your venture’s success.

Call Pensacola Shipyard 850-780-8441 today to discuss the features of our industrial terminal and how they can benefit you.