Pitch the Plastic Clean Boatyard Program

The Pensacola Shipyard Pitch the Plastic Clean Boatyard program is designed to help you make the switch from disposable to reusable water bottles in our boatyard. By ending disposable water bottle usage, you contribute to the environment, reduce waste and create more sustainable solutions that are good for the environment.

A reusable water bottle takes less oil to produce, replaces all the plastics that you would have used and reduces your carbon footprint. It also helps reduce the plastic burden on landfills, oceans, streams and other places where plastic waste ends up.

With Your Help, We Can Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Join the Pitch the Plastic Program, save money and become a leader in the movement to #PitchthePlastic.

Here’s How to Get Started:

  • Make the switch from disposable water bottles to reusable ones.
  • Feel free to use our chilled water dispensers at several locations in the yard. Avalon A5, or similar models, available from Sam’s.
  • Use our reusable containers if you don’t have your own. These can be stainless steel bottles or pint cups that can be cleaned and refilled (get some Shipyard Logo containers).
  • Tell your clients you are part of the Pitch the Plastic movement and encourage them to start using reusable containers.
  • Share your pictures and stories across social media using #PitchthePlastic

While this may seem like a big task to take on, we have seen success in the past with other environmental initiatives such as Catch and Release, using rubberized nets and using barbless hooks. These initiatives always bring us together to work toward a common cause. They are also good for Pensacola!

Learn More About Our Pitch the Plastic Program!

Tips for Staying Hydrated Using Reusable Water Bottles:

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