Trailer Boat Storage in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola is home to some of the most beautiful waterways in the world and nothing beats a day of boating with friends and family. It is one of the most relaxing ways to spend time until it ends. Then the exhausting tasks begin. You are likely tired and possibly sunburned from your fun-filled day. Now begins the arduous process of loading the boat back on the trailer, hauling it back home and making sure you park it where it will not block anyone’s path. It is a necessary evil of boat ownership. Or is it? Have you considered storing your boat and/or trailer? Pensacola Shipyard has ample trailer/boat storage so you can spend less time hauling your boat and more time enjoying it.

Storage & Facilities

Pensacola Shipyard has the space to meet most every boater’s storage needs. Our massive acreage can accommodate a multitude of vessels. We have the vertical clearance for your sailboat with no need to lower the rigging. Our top-notch facilities are sure to impress. Want to do a thorough wash down? We provide ample workspace so you never feel cramped or crowded. Whether short term or long term, a small boat or large, the boat storage facility at Pensacola Shipyard has your perfect storage solution.

Convenience by Land and Sea

Convenience is key to ensuring a pleasurable boating experience and it does not get much more convenient than our beautiful waterside location. Often trailer boat storage facilities are located inland, meaning you must retrieve your boat and trailer and then drive several miles to the nearest launch. This is not the case at Pensacola Shipyard. Geographically speaking, our location on the deep and protected waters of Bayou Chico is a dream. Storing your boat here puts you in the water within minutes of arriving. From our launch, you can quickly access Pensacola Bay and be cruising into the Gulf of Mexico in no time. Not only are we close to amazing waterside dining and bars, but there are also multiple land-based restaurants, eateries and grocers nearby. Whether your hunger is pre, during or post voyage, edibles and libations are always within close range.

Store Your Boat at our Convenient Location!

24-Hour Security

What good is it to utilize trailer boat storage if you do not feel secure leaving your vessel? Thieves will always exist and will usually go after an easy target. At Pensacola Shipyard, we understand this threat and go to great lengths to keep your prized possession safe. For this reason, we provide round the clock video surveillance and plentiful lighting. Additionally, there is an after-hours security guard on the premises so that you feel safe coming and going at all times. Your peace of mind is important to us and we take the necessary measures to ensure you have it.

Save Time and Enjoy Your Boat

As residents of the Gulf Coast, we have a deep connection to the water. Boat owners feel that connection even more than most and look forward to every opportunity to cruise the waterways. The only drawback of boating is the lack of time available to enjoy it. At Pensacola Shipyard, we understand that desire. Our boat and trailer storage facilities give you the precious gift of time. We offer the region’s premier outdoor storage solutions for your vessel. Our ample space, convenient and accessible location with plentiful parking and top-level security measures equate to less stress and more pleasure for you.

Don't waste valuable time hauling your boat to the water. Store your boat at Pensacola Shipyard today!