Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Wet Slip Storage

Boat ownership provides one of the best ways to enjoy the spoils of living in our coastal paradise. The crystal clear waterways of the Gulf of Mexico and local bays showcase a beauty that is hard to rival. Spending a summer day cruising, fishing and sightseeing offers hours of entertainment and priceless memories. However, a sun-filled day boating also leaves you tired. Coming back to a crowded dock, trailering your boat back home and then cleaning it is down-right exhausting. That exhaustion can be avoided by purchasing a wet slip for boat storage. 

Perks of a Wet Slip 

Now imagine after a fun day on the water just pulling your boat into a reserved slip, stepping out and heading home … no hauling, cleaning or waiting in line at the dock. Boat storage is the simplest solution to your post voyage blues. Purchasing a wet slip eliminates the physically draining aspect of apres boating, but also saves you valuable time. Choosing the right marina for your wet slip is critical to simplifying and enhancing your boating experience. Making a wise choice means asking the right questions.

The Price is Right

One of the first and most important questions to ask is price. No matter how many boxes a marina checks, if it’s overpriced, then it’s not a good choice. Most marina’s will base their cost on the size of the boat. Additionally, they usually offer daily, weekly and monthly rates. Pricing may also vary depending on the amenities provided. Pensacola Shipyard has competitive rates and offers a variety of amenities to their tenants. This coupled with their convenient location make it well worth inquiring about available wet slips.

Bells and Whistles

Speaking of amenities, ask yourself which ones are important to you? What needs do you and your family that could reasonably be met at your ideal boat storage facility? Want a place to cool off and relax or maybe shower and clean up? Finding a facility with an owner’s lounge should be a consideration. If you prefer not to carry wet towels/clothes in your car back home, then on-site laundry accommodations are a selling point. Wifi is another valued amenity for many boaters. Finding out what amenities are offered up-front and if they are important to you will help ensure that you make the right choice.

Does Size Really Matter?

We aren’t talking about what you may be assuming here. It’s not just about the size of your boat! Although you want a marina that can accommodate your vessel and has proper depth and clearance, you should also consider the size of the facility itself. Is it just a small marina with wet slips for storage? Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but in the case of your marina being a small standalone location versus having a sizable boatyard attached, then it does.

Convenience of a Boatyard

Consequently, an extremely important question to ask is the availability of an onsite boatyard. You may not think this is crucial… until your boat needs repair. Having to haul your boat to separate locations for repairs, cosmetic work or simple maintenance is a hassle. Not only is it time consuming, but it also defeats the purpose of wet slip convenience. If there is a boatyard, what equipment is on-site? Is there a travel lift? Tools for cleaning/maintaining your vessel should you choose to perform repairs? Purchasing boat storage at a marina that includes a well-equipped attached boatyard is something that you will thank yourself for later.

Look for Security

Accessibility should be another consideration. Not only are potentially limited hours a valuable thing to consider, but also the security of the facility? Inquire about video surveillance and if any on-site security is provided. Pensacola Shipyard not only has round the clock video surveillance, but also employs after-hours security ensuring peace of mind.

Is it Conveniently Located?

As realtors always say, nothing is more important than location. Where you purchase a wet slip for boat storage is a major deciding factor. The reason to have a wet slip is to make boating stress free. If the marina is in a distant, inconvenient area, the purpose is defeated. Make sure you are looking at locations that have deep water access, limited water traffic and are preferably in an area with a good variety of stores and restaurants.

Simplify Your Boating Excursions

Wet slip storage is a major factor in simplifying your boating excursions. Asking the right questions beforehand can ensure more stress-free time on the water. Conveniently located on the deep waters of Bayou Chico, the marina at Pensacola Shipyard is the ideal place to store your boat. Our wet slips offer competitive rates and upscale on-site amenities. Additionally, the attached boatyard allows you to make repairs yourself or hire an on-site independent contractor to do the work. We are also in a premiere location close to restaurants, shopping and downtown Pensacola by land and by sea. 

Call Pensacola Shipyard today at 850.780.8441 to learn about our available wet slip storage options and give yourself more frequent and enjoyable boating adventures.