Yacht Repair Services

Yachting is more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Owning a yacht affords you a constant source of entertainment. What could be better than a day spent on the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico? Practically nothing! Yachting provides a means of saying goodbye to stress and hello to relaxation and vitamin D. The vessel’s size also allows for friends and family to join in on the fun. From island hopping to dolphin spotting, the possibilities for amusement are bountiful. What makes yacht ownership even better? Having the right place to manage all your yacht repairs and maintenance. The Pensacola Shipyard not only has the perfect, deep water location for your yacht, but we are also home to some of the best independent contractors. Our industry experts are well equipped to handle the maintenance and yacht repair services on your prized possession.

Importance of Maintenance and Repair

A yacht is a major investment. You have likely put much thought and time into purchasing just the right vessel for your enjoyment. Properly maintaining your yacht is essential to keeping its value while also ensuring years of pleasure on the water. Repairs and upkeep on such a large investment is not something to be taken lightly. Having the proper team of experts who are equipped with state-of-the-art tools is key to keeping your yacht in top condition. The skilled contractors at the Pensacola Shipyard are available to handle your yachting repair needs. From small cosmetic issues to major repairs and overhauls, we have on-site professionals available to expertly care for your vessel.

Facilities and Equipment

A yacht by definition is a large motor-driven craft used for recreational cruising. While not a definitive rule, most vessels are typically a minimum of 35 ft to be considered a yacht, but they can be much larger. The keyword here is large. Yachts are not small boats, their size is considerable. Consequently, they require space and equipment capable of handling their considerable load. Our multi-acre shipyard has ample room to provide any needed maintenance to your vessel. If your yacht repairs involve lifting, we have you covered with our 2019 100 BFM Marine Travel Lift that boasts a 220,000 lb. capacity. We have the necessary equipment to cater to large needs including a 14-ton mobile crane and a 4000 lb. 21’ long forklift boom. Additionally, 40,000 lb. capacity hydraulic jacks are another impressive aspect of our maintenance and repair arsenal.

Prefer to DIY?

If you enjoy tackling maintenance projects yourself, our facilities are equipped to make things easier. In addition to the previously mentioned equipment, Pensacola Shipyard offers added resources for your convenience. We have multiple electric outlets, 30/50 amp receptacles, individual water hook-ups and rental tools and vacuum sanders. All this along with an uncrowded work-space takes the stress out of DIY projects.

Spending time on the water is a great way to decompress and enjoy the perks of coastal living. Yacht ownership affords this pleasure. Keeping your vessel in tip-top shape will ensure carefree fun for years to come. The Pensacola Shipyard allows you to choose from the many skilled, licensed and insured contractors to best suit your specific needs. Yacht repair services are necessary to protect your beloved investment.

Our expert staff, state of the art equipment and unmatched facilities make us the area’s premier boatyard and marina.