Yacht Restoration in Pensacola, FL

A majestic beauty glides by as the sun sets on the cotton candy horizon. Her shiny exterior, deck and portholes tease what luxury lies inside. For many, this is all they will ever know of yachting but for a fortunate few, this lifestyle is a reality. Whether you have purchased an old but promising fixer-upper or are just wanting to give a face-lift and update your vessel, yacht restoration is a complicated, multifaceted project that is not to be entered into lightly. However, the end result is rewarding. Educating yourself prior to jumping in can save you time, money and headaches.

Understanding the Different Types of Yachts

You need to have a certain degree of knowledge, an adequate workspace, the right tools and experts to call on if or when you are ready to call it a day. Yachts are as different as the captains who man them and the process of renovating them will differ as well. Pensacola Shipyard has everything you need at your fingertips to successfully restore your yacht.

Wooden Vessels

From salty dogs restoring an old but classic wooden vessel to a sophisticated sea lover updating a modern white cruiser, no two jobs are the same. Wooden boat restorations are vastly different from that of fiberglass yachts. Wood motor yachts and sailboats have been around for decades. They possess elegant, detailed craftsmanship that is easily admired. That same detail is necessary when renovating. There is more than just replacing planks and repainting to bring your wooden yacht back to life and keep it seaworthy. Mistakes are easy to make and difficult to fix. For instance, when repainting your boat if you see cracking at the seams, getting some moisture into your boat is critical.

Allowing your yacht to swell up before sanding and painting keeps dust and debris from entering the seams. Moisture is also beneficial prior to caulking. Just because an area appears as though caulking is required, once the vessel gets in the water and expands, it may not be necessary. Over caulking can result in an unsightly mess, so once you have thoroughly inspected and determined that it is truly needed, remove the old caulking first. Varnish is serious business for wooden yachts. Restoration will require multiple coats and even annual maintenance deems one or two coats necessary.

Fiberglass Yachts

Fiberglass yachts may be regarded as having much less maintenance than their wooden counterparts, but they still have their share of issues that need addressing and these issues are not easily visible. This is another example of when you may want to seek the advice of an industry expert. When restoring a fiberglass yacht, the hull should be given thoughtful consideration. Beneath minor blistering could possibly lie major water intrusion.

Aluminum Yachts

Aluminum hulled yachts are less common, but they are rust-resistant. However, any welding work should not be attempted as a DIY project and needs to be entrusted to a professional. The Pensacola Shipyard has on-site independent contractors who are well versed in yacht restoration of all vessel types.

Find the Experts for Your Yacht Restoration

Interior Refurbishing

Remodeling your yacht’s interior can range from simple modernizing to major changes. Sometimes a thorough deep clean, new upholstery and some polishing and refinishing are all that is needed. If your desires and pockets are deeper, you can change out furniture, cabinetry, fixtures and appliances. Taking out fittings and new linings for window frames make a big statement. Replacing the kitchen and bathroom countertops and trim will also provide maximum impact. If you want to rehab the current veneer be warned it is not a quick fix. Color matching can be an issue. You may also choose to paint it instead, to lighten up the interior, although this is labor-intensive as well.

Exterior Projects for Motor/Sailing Yachts

Restoring the exterior of your yacht encompasses many steps. Some of the projects are:

  • Replace/clean teak decking
  • Redoing exterior woodwork
  • Gelcoat painting/restoration
  • New Rudder
  • Engine repair/rebuild
  • Replace chainplates
  • New sails, rigging and mast
  • Replace holding tank and hoses
  • Clean and paint bilges
  • Clean/update/inspect engine room and electronics

Is Doing it Yourself Wise?

The list of items included in yacht restoration is lengthy and involved. Some of the projects require expert-level attention to detail. Completing the restoration in a timely manner is also recommended as a sitting vessel is vulnerable to other maintenance issues. These projects are not for weekend warriors and at the very least, professional guidance will likely be needed. Hiring out the work from the start could prevent costly mistakes and actually save time and money.

Restoring a yacht can be a magical transformation. The task may be difficult, but Pensacola Shipyard can alleviate all the work or at least make it more manageable for you. Our multi acre facility is the perfect location to complete your yacht restoration and our on-site contractors have the expert skill sets to handle every aspect from large to small.

Contact the Pensacola Shipyard and let us help you complete your project so you can get back to enjoying sunset cruises on your newly restored yacht.